Showing our white and black versions of The Drifter-Portable Glass Tea Infuser
Showing how The Drifter- Portable Glass Tea Infuser works!
Showing more pictures of The Drifter- Portable Glass Tea Infuser in action :)
Our black The Drifter- Portable Glass Tea Infuser
Our white The Drifter- Portable Glass Tea Infuser

Eco-Friendly Loose Tea/Coffee Infuser Water Bottle

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The Eco-friendly Loose Tea/Coffee Infuser Water Bottle offers a reminder to stay hydrated throughout the day, a go-to choice for brewing your favorite loose-leaf tea.

  • Glass Bottle with Tea Strainer/Infuser
  • Just add loose tea or coffee to glass strainer and pour in hot water.  The hot water filters through the strainer infusing the water.  
  • Self sealing and portable
  • Makes amazing cold brew too
  • Eco friendly
  • Holds 10oz of liquid
  • Colors: Black or White
    • Imported
    • Always hassle-free returns

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