Odina Dream Catcher hanging against a gray wall.
Our Odina Dream Catcher hanging off a metal grate and partially displayed on the floor
Our dream catcher placed on a gray carpet
A closer angle of the Odina Dream Catcher on gray carpet with flower nearby
Odina Dream Catcher hanging on textured gray wall
Close up of the center hoop, tassels, and macramé
Measurements of our dream catcher
Odina Dream Catcher on gray background with book next to it
Close up of Odina Dream Catcher hoop
Close up of macrame hoop, tassels, and entire dream catcher
Odina Dream Catcher hanging against white wall

Odina Dream Catcher

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We love traditional Native American products and are so excited to bring to you our Odina Dream Catcher. It is beautifully handmade with a metal ring, cotton, beads, and feathers. While traditionally hung over a bed to allow only good dreams to reach the sleeper, it is truly the perfect boho addition to any room in your house. 

  • Crocheted wall hanging made with a metal ring, cotton rope, beads, and feathers
  • Handmade
  • Native American/Boho room decor
  • Approximate hoop size: 16 inches
  • Total Length is approximately  39 inches
  • Due to the handmade quality, please allow for slight variations in color and size
    • Imported
    • Always hassle-free returns


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