What Exactly is Boho Chic Fashion?

Although style is often personally based, we'd like to shed some light on our interpretation of Boho Chic.  Originally deriving from Bohemian fashion, Boho Chic is a modern take on this now timeless style.  Boho Chic fashion favors natural materials, especially cotton, muslin & wool and favors faux fur and leather, with an emphasis on avoiding cruelty to animals. As natural materials are innately more comfortable, there is always an element of comfort to the design of the garment (whether it is with a flowy fit or a stretchy knit.) Layering is also a useful means to create a Boho look.  Playing with clothing layers and textures as well as interesting ethnic jewelry and accessories furthers the look.  Color choices also tend towards those colors that are found in nature, like taking inspiration from the color of wheat, the shade of a flower petal or a vibrant turquoise blue found in the stone itself.